Hi, my name is Laura and I am a travel addict. Ever since I was a little kid I have loved to travel. After all, my first flight was when I was only one month old!  I grew up in the Hawaiian Islands, went to high school in Austin, TX and currently reside in Miami Beach.  From that tiny island of Oahu, I have already visited 50 countries and counting…

This is an expensive hobby! People ask me all the time how I can afford to travel so much. How I carve out the time and money to go to the far corners of the world…and why? Most people will say that I am just some rich kid that can travel the world without a care. Yes, I have been very blessed in my life, but you can be too! I am a firm believer that you control your own destiny and you will quickly learn tips to maximize your budget.

People are generally afraid to travel for two reasons: they are scared of the unknown or money resources are low. It isn’t until you push yourself out of your everyday life, your everyday thoughts that you can truly experience what life is all about. In the travel industry they constantly talk about “money-can’t-buy experiences”, yet they charge you $10,000 to sit in a VIP Box that you could have bought directly from the box office. I am talking about genuine experiences, connecting with places and people.

I created this blog to show people where to find value and how to formulate their travels to have genuine, life-enriching experiences. I will show you how to use points to your advantage, where to spend your money in different locales and how to maximize the number of trips you can take a year.

These are not vacations. They are learning adventures filled with culture, education, art, sport and adventure. That is an important distinction to make. You won’t find me shopping a lot or lounging by the pool during my travels. If you really want to experience the world, you need to jump into the deep end, push past your comfort zone and get out there and explore.  Spend money on your well being, not material possessions.

If you found this blog, I believe that you were meant to find it. You can feel deep down inside that there is more out there for you to explore. You want an adventure. You want to be more involved in the world around you. And you can! As the one of my favorite movies, Disney’s Ratatouille proclaims, “Anyone can cook”. And I say, “Anyone can travel”!