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Travel Guide: Northern Italy, Summer 2016

I finally had time to finish out my trip planning guide for Northern Italy from this past summer. August, for me, is a fantastic time to do extended European vacations and last summer took me on a road/train trip through Milan, Venice, Burano, Vicenza, Verona, Lake Como, San Pellengrino, Bergamo, Bellinzona, and a bunch of little towns along the way. November is the perfect time to start planning your summer trips- a big plus to our vacation was a home exchange in Lake Como that became our base for the second part of the trip. Check out details below!

3 Weeks in Europe under $2500

Summer is the perfect time to escape to Europe. I try to make it a habit and the past 3 years have been great. This summer, I’m exploring Italy and Austria, then spending a few days in Madrid prior to my flight home. With the rise of the sharing economy, strong dollar, and taking advantage of deals/points Europe is probably a lot less expensive than you would think. My total for 3 weeks across 3 countries including flight, accommodation and transportation is just under $2500 so far!

To Rail Pass or not to Rail Pass…

So excited to spend three weeks in France this summer! As a designer, I’m a huge fan of Europe in general, but have never been to the South of France before. Very excited to visit all the smaller towns in France…Tolouse, Nimes, Lyon, Marseilles, Nice…the list goes on on on. Traveling once you get to Europe is very easy to but if you aren’t careful, it can get very expensive, very quickly. I leave some time for wandering, but generally I like to book everything far in advance, especially during peak season (summer). Transportation is no exception.