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Travel Book Recommendations

Reading a good book can transport you just like movies or music can. I’m not talking about typical travel “guides” here; I’m talking about good ol’ fashion literature. Literature can move you to tears, happiness, anger; it can inspire you to seek out adventure, get lost, ask questions, and live in the moment. The power of a good book can potentially change the course of your life. Here are my recommendations of what to pick up next.

Travel by Train: Top 6 Trip Recommendations

My recent train travels have inspired this post! Traveling by train wins as the most laidback style of travel, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. Luckily, some of the world’s most amazing destinations are also home to the most scenic train rides—journeys ranging from a few hours to more than a week. Here’s a look at 6 exceptionally scenic train rides.

Must Have Travel Apps

Apps have become commonplace in our tech-savvy world. Ask anyone for their phone, and you should find a plethora of apps. It fills many needs with just a touch. App developers have come up with some useful apps such as these helpful and comprehensive traveling apps! So, before you pack your bags and see the world, check out this list that should fulfill all your on-the-road needs.

Airport Healthy Eats

Already at the airport and looking for some sustenance? Most airports don’t have a ton of healthy options, and it can be hard to navigate what is actually healthy. There are tons of sodium rich packaged “foods,” calorie loaded fast-food options, not to mention the questionable meal served on-board most airliners. The last thing you need is added bloat and discomfort while traveling. So, focus on finding, or packing, some clean eats.

Festivals Galore

If you’re not familiar with music festivals, you are missing out. It’s the perfect time to let loose, hang out with friends, travel, and take in some great music from various artists and genres. If you plan ahead/split between friends/stay with family or friends that live in the area or find an Airbnb… you will get a lot of bang for your buck! That’s what BCB is all about.